Eddy Carroll – Technical Director at Limelight Communications

Eddy Carroll has been at the forefront of IT in Ireland for more than twenty years, working with a range of companies from home grown start-ups to multi-national giants.

While his background is in software engineering, he consults with clients on a wide range of technology-related subjects including technology audits on behalf of investors, specialist recruitment, IT review, and code analysis.

With Limelight Communications he has performed website audits on client sites, advised on online media strategy and assisted in its implementation. Eddy also regularly liaises with technology media.

He holds an Honours degree in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and is a director of Limelight Communications.

While excellent technically, Eddy is particularly skillful at presenting technical concepts to a mixed audience in easy to understand language. He is a skilled communicator, and the first person we seek out when looking for the low-down on hot new technology.