ALONE highlights increased loneliness among older people as COVID-19 pandemic continues

The organisation is concerned with the negative impact of loneliness on older people’s mental health.

ALONE cautions members of the public to stay mindful of older people

The organisation have received calls to their National Support Line reflective of increased anxiety as schools resume this week

ALONE appeal for a reform to the State Pension system in the upcoming budget

The organisation believes that urgent action is required to reform Ireland’s current pension system, to protect the retirement security of current and future pensioners

ALONE responds to Nursing Home Report released today with a series of recommendations

The organisation would also like to see a refresh of current guidelines to safeguard older people amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Government issue refreshed advisory to over 70s

ALONE has responded to advice issued today by the National Public Health Emergency Team in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

‘We owe it to our older people’

ALONE calls on Government to establish a regulated home care sector to ensure the safeguarding of older people  

ALONE calls on Government to implement an immediate and actionable plan for home care services

The organisation urges for a prompt implementation of the strategic plan for vulnerable older people at once, reflective of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

ALONE calls on Department of Social Protection to increase State Pension in 2021

The organisation is seeking a €7 increase in the state pension to ensure that older people are not left behind in tough economic times.

ALONE makes an appeal to safeguard security and supports surrounding housing for older people

The organisation is concerned of the increasing lack of suitable housing options and opportunities for our older people.

ALONE and TILDA compile report examining loneliness and social isolation in over-70’s

The joint report offers new insights into the experiences of those over 70 who were advised to ‘cocoon’ as part of public health advice to limit the spread of the virus. The report uses data from ALONE to compare feelings of loneliness, anxiety and isolation in older adults before and during the pandemic.