MobilityX Conference, focused on the future of self-driving technology

MobilityX, the autonomous driving industry conference, will welcome delegates to Dublin’s Iveagh House on Thursday, 10th May to discuss the exciting future of self-driving cars. The one-day conference will introduce the public to the global leaders of this growing sector and will be followed by an invite-only, TED style event on Mayo’s Achill Island from May 11th – 13th.

Bringing together leading global corporations, disruptive starts ups and technology investment groups, MobilityX will offer delegates insight into the current position of the industry and the thrilling future we are steering towards. Guests will have the unrivalled opportunity to meet with speakers from industry leaders such as Samsung, AutonomouStuff, Naxar, BMW ReachNow and Arralis, and learn more about the imminent innovation in this field.

Key themes of the MobilityX Conference will include:

  • AUTONOMY: Hear from leading organisations about the latest innovation of machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence in transportation.
  • CONNECTED: Learn how increasingly important Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Cloud communications will become as cars transition from independent entities to a mesh network of interconnected, communicating vehicles.
  • ELECTRIC: As the advancement of battery technology continues, MobilityX will discuss new charging systems and platforms, as well as how companies will power transport with electricity in the future.
  • SHARED: Policy experts, leading car sharing companies and innovators will discuss the industry’s increasing popularity, and the changing demands on local infrastructure and marketplace.

Philip McNamara, VP of Voxpro and organiser of MobilityX, said, “With the transport industry predicting more change in the next 5 years than it has seen in the last 50, we’re excited for MobilityX attendees to uncover the work behind these astonishing technological advancements. We hope that the one-day conference will inspire Ireland to take an active role in the advancement of this innovative industry.”

Other areas of discussion will include opportunities in the sector for Irish companies, estimated arrival time for these vehicles in Ireland and what the world’s leading motor groups are currently doing to advance self driving technology. A major talking point will be the increase of safer driving, with a study from Waymo, the autonomous driving unit of Google, asserting the risk of incident as 10 times lower than that of the safest demographic, 60 – 69 year olds, and an impressive 40 times safer than new drivers.

Highlighting Ireland as an active partner in this industry, the conference will be followed by an exclusive, invite-only, TED style event on Achill Island May 11th – 13th, sponsored by Mayo County Council. Mayo and the west of Ireland have been identified as an impressive location for the testing of self-driving technology. This exclusive Mayo event will further the discussion on the future of autonomous driving.

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