Stephen Gyllenhaal’s GRASSROOTS opens in Irish cinemas November 9th

GRASSROOTS is the true story of Grant Cogswell, an unemployed music critic with a penchant for dressing up like a polar bear and a dream to bring a monorail to the citizens of Seattle: an elegant train gliding silently above the streets, a symbol of his city’s future.

But first he must defeat incumbent City Councilman Richard McIver. With pennies in his campaign coffers and a profound lack of tact, Grant knows there’s only one man who can help him win, Phil Campbell, a political writer fired for being too political. But this unlikely crusade swells into an army of wide-eyed young volunteers fueled by the city of Seattle itself and the impossible begins to happen: It’s a GRASSROOTS campaign like you’ve never seen.

Now showing at cinemas, cert 15A. Starring Jason Biggs, Lauren Ambrose, Joel David Moore and Tom Arnold. Distributed by InTandem Films.