‘A Kiss for Jed’ in cinemas nationwide 18th May

Limelight managing PR for the romantic comedy A Kiss for Jed.


It’s about a young girl called Orla who wins a reality TV show and gets to go to America to stalk and snog C&W star Jed Wood and report back on the next weeks show.

In cinemas nationwide May 18th


It’s about a cameraman called Ray who gets sent to America with an incredibly annoying girl on some pointless and demeaning quest to kiss some bloody pop star.


It’s about what can happen when some cheese realises it might have more in common with some chalk than it had ever thought possible….

A Kiss for Jed – Ignition Films in association with Bord Scannán na hÉireann. Written by Barry Devlin and Maurice Linnane. Directed by Maurice Linnane. Starring Mark O’Halloran, Jayne Wisener, Lee Arenberg. All rights reserved. 15A classification.