International Open Innovation conference to be hosted in Dublin

The global thought leadership conference Open Innovation 2.0 will be hosted at the Convention Centre Dublin on June 12th 2014, marking the second year the event will be held in Dublin. This conference will bring together over 300 high-level decision makers, leading innovation experts and practitioners from across the globe for this inspiring one day event, with the purpose of encouraging practical innovation adoption for the betterment of society as a whole. 

The inaugural Open Innovation 2.0 conference, held in Dublin last year, was such a success that demand for a second conference to harness the momentum generated was significant.  The 2014 conference will solidify and progress the solutions agreed upon at the 2013 conference, and will discuss new approaches in innovation adoption based on open business models.

At the heart of the conference is that the fact that the challenges faced today in Europe and beyond are too large to tackle in isolation.  Issues such as healthcare challenges, transportation, climate change, youth unemployment, financial stability, prosperity, sustainability and growth are where a dynamic new kind of approach is needed to solve these complex problems.  Open Innovation 2.0 is a new way of coming up with solutions that will work at a local, national and international level, ensuring all sectors of society are involved.Fotor0522172652

Martin Curley, Vice President and Director of Intel Labs Europe and Bror Salmelin, Advisor for Innovation Systems and the European Commission, will chair the first plenary of the day ‘Open Innovation 2.0 in Theory and Action’.

Speaking of the event Martin Curley said, “This conference is a wonderful opportunity to bring together like-minded innovators to co-create a new innovation ecosystem to better enable the quadruple helix of government, industry, academia and the general public to collaborate together for better progress. Last year, the conference generated fantastic results and we’ve really seen impressive forward movements in Europe in the last twelve months with regard to innovation progress and adoption.  The 2014 event will build on the successes of last year and move into the next stage of Europe’s innovation development.”

Bror Salmelin, Advisor for Innovation Systems at European Commission, Directorate-General Communications Networks, Contents and Technology highlights the importance of the event: “This second OI2 conference builds on the strongly endorsed outcome of the 2013 edition. I am very happy to see how the recommendations are taking shape in European research and innovation context. I expect that this OI2 conference will bring these recommendations even further as part of the European Innovation Ecosystem development. The joint win-win game in the spirit of quadruple helix innovation seems to be our way forward.”

Peter Finnegan, Director of Economy and International Relations at Dublin City Council will chair the second plenary, ‘Living the Dublin Innovation Declaration’.  The declaration, adopted by delegates at last year’s conference, is a ten point manifesto designed to develop a widespread innovation literacy in Europe. The manifesto is the basis of Dublin’s own Digital Masterplan.

Discussing the declaration he said, “The only constant today is change. Change creates challenges and innovation provides practical solutions to the challenges of cities, economies and societies. The day of the silo and the closed innovation lab is over and the key to future innovation lies on collaboration and openness. We would encourage this year everyone attending in Dublin to follow our example and adopt the Dublin Declaration on Open Innovation as the driver of innovation and change in their cities and businesses. In this way we can create new Tablets of Commandments that shape innovation as a means of solving challenges of living, working and building society in our world.”

Open Innovation 2.0 Conference is brought to Dublin in collaboration with the European Commission, Open Innovation and Strategy Policy Group, Intel Labs Europe and Dublin City Council.  The conference will discuss how a more accelerated European economic recovery and societal development can be driven by adoption of Open Innovation policies.

Topics for discussion at the 2014 event will include; ‘Open Innovation 2.0 in Theory and Action’, ‘Living the Dublin Innovation Declaration’, ‘Internet of Everything and Smart Cities’, ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Innovation through the Crowd!’

Full details of the event can be found on:   Registration for the conference is free and open to all interested parties.

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