Dublin, A City For All

Inclusion and Integration Week 2022 aims to encourage social inclusion, integration and diversity

Dublin, 7th November 2022   Dublin City Council’s Inclusion and Integration Week 2022 was launched by Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy in Civic Offices on Wood Quay this morning.


Celebrating and promoting “Dublin a City for All”, Inclusion and Integration Week will take place from today through to Monday 14th November 2022. The week will host many free events both online and in various locations across Dublin that focus on social inclusion.


From language exchanges to chair aerobics workshops, to yoga classes and learning about sustainability there is something that everyone can learn. The events aim to show young people, older people, those living with disabilities, members of the Traveller community, early school leavers and migrants that they are valued and welcome in Dublin. The other goal of the week is to inform the people of Dublin how to better appreciate and nourish diversity.


Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy commented, “I am delighted to launch Dublin’s Inclusion and Integration week 2022. It is really important that Dubliners with different backgrounds and identities feel they are welcomed and included in our city. This week’s inclusion and integration activities will focus on empowering people who feel isolated because of their background. Diversity is often visible but is also present in our actions and beliefs. Difference makes us unique but is also what brings us together with other like-minded people in our communities.”


“We need to appreciate and respect the new beautiful multicultural Dublin, which is what Inclusion and Integration week will do. We also need to learn more about the struggles, culture and backgrounds of those who often feel excluded from society to allow for more diversity and inclusion. There are amazing events happening this week that will let our citizens do this, like the powerful Seen To Be Heard exhibition opening here today. I would encourage everyone to attend this event and to learn as much as possible,” she continued.


The Seen To Be Heard photography exhibition opens today in Dublin’s Civic Offices as a key Inclusion and Integration event. Curated by gallery Belfast Exposed, this exhibition of work by award-winning Northern Irish photographer Jennifer Willis features portraits of women living with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis. This ground breaking work of artistry and activism aims to drive a sea change in the way Secondary Breast Cancer is perceived.  These raw, emotionally revealing portraits were shot over a six month period as Willis worked with participants to build an understanding of their condition and the image they wish to present to the world. Seen To Be Heard is open to the public to view this week by appointment only – booking information is available on www.dublincityinclusion.ie.


Jennifer Willis, Seen To Be Heard photographer, commented, “I am very glad that Dublin will see the exhibition and that the exhibition is a main event at Inclusion and Integration week. I began this project to raise awareness of Secondary Breast Cancer in Northern Ireland and I am eager to make as big an impact as I can, bringing it to the island of Ireland as a whole. I hope that Seen to be Heard helps to reduce the sense of isolation which living with this disease can cause.”


In addition to Seen To Be Heard, there are a variety of cultural and wellbeing events for people from all walks of life. Some of the events taking place throughout the week include photography exhibitions, health & wellbeing seminars, film screenings and live concerts.


The aim of the week is to highlight the positive work carried out by Dublin City Council and other agencies to promote social inclusion, integration and diversity in our city.  The week’s events are organised by Dublin City Council’s Housing and Community Services Department working collaboratively with a range of delivery partners.