Lee Travel take over Cork’s long-standing Heffernan’s Travel

The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) has welcomed the news that Lee Travel have acquired Heffernan’s Travel, which announced it was entering liquidation on 3rd October 2018.

The Cork based travel agent announced it’s closure earlier this month.

The move has come as good news to the travel industry, of which Heffernan’s Travel was a long-standing member for over 90 years. Business resumed at the travel agency yesterday, with no change to staff or customers, as the doors opened for the first time under new management.

Established in 1975, Lee Travel already operate six offices throughout Cork. As a fully licensed and bonded agent, all customers enjoy protection under the Commission for Aviation Regulation for their travel plans.

Speaking about the move, Declan O’Connell, Managing Director of Lee Travel said, “We are excited to be carrying on the legacy of Heffernan’s Travel and look forward to delivering the same great service to customers demonstrated by the travel agent over the last 90 years.”

O’Connell continued, “Lee Travel prides itself on the quality and experience of our staff, and we are delighted to add 14 new staff members to our established team. With specialisation in corporate, wedding and couple travel, Heffernan’s Travel has a great reputation and we’re looking forward to building on this in the future.”

Pat Dawson, CEO of the ITAA said, “This is great news for the travel industry in Cork. As a bonded agent, Heffernan’s Travel customers were protected under the Commission for Aviation Regulation and adverse fallout from the closure was minimised. Now, as Lee Travel take over operations, customers can be assured that travel plans will be not be adversely affected.”

Dawson continued, “What’s more, the ITAA are delighted to see all 14 staff members retained under the new management. With a long history in Cork, it’s fantastic to see the doors of Heffernan’s Travel open again.”

About the ITAA

The ITAA represents Ireland’s travel Industry, bringing together 100 travel agent members and 70 affiliate partners. ITAA members cover over 140 outlets in different towns and cities throughout the Republic of Ireland. All travel agent members are licensed by the Commission for Aviation Regulation and are fully bonded providing full financial protection for their customers.